About program support of Unidraf

If you would like to use this Unidraf program support, you have to sign a maintenance contract with our company. Please ask a distributing agent about the details of a maintenance contract.



When the problem about a sentinel (dongle) is not improved, we recommend you to install the following sentinel driver.
Moreover, keep in mind that proper sentinel drivers differ depending on the version of Windows and Unidraf.

Sentinel System Driver

■Windows10/11(64bit) ・・・ Unidraf7 Ver2.0 or later / Unidraf5 Ver5.0 or later

Sentinel System Driver Installer 7.6.1 [size:1.82MB]

■Windows7 / Windows10(*1) ・・・ Unidraf7 Under Ver2.0 / Unidraf5 Under Ver5.0

Sentinel System Driver Installer 7.5.8 [size:1.92MB]

(*1) It may not work in some PCs
* Cautions
Please be sure to install after detaching a "USB type sentinel" from a personal computer.
* Even if it Updates Sentinel Driver, when Undetectable
If a sentinel (dongle) is undetectable even if it installs the above driver, please try the following cleanup tools
* Because it differs at 32 bits or 64 bits, please take care.
* Please understand that all the sentinel drivers made in THALES are removed. (If other CAD is using it, be very careful.)
1. Extract the downloaded ZIP file.
2. Be sure to read and execute the directions for use in the extracted folder.