UD ViewerX

Freeware for Displaying Unidraf Data


Everybody Can See Unidraf Data and Can Add Marking to it.

It is free software which can display and print all the drawing data made from Unidraf series, and also can add marking (memo). Because Unidraf data can be shared between other departments and business partners without Unidraf series, the paper to print is saved and it can contribute to protection of global environment. It is possible to display and print the drawing data of all the Unidraf(s), and it has functions, such as "character string search" and a "coil reference."

Marking Image on UDViewerX

Marking Image on UDViewerX

UD ViewerX Download

UD ViewerX Japanese
UD ViewerX for English


[Microsoft Edge] If a message appears in the upper right corner of the screen and you cannot download

We would like to inform you of our response to the following dialog that appears when the security function prompts you to confirm that the file is not at risk before downloading it.

1.Move the mouse pointer to the ".zip isn't commonly~" position in the upper right corner of the screen.
2.Select "・・・" displayed on the right side of the content and choose "Keep".
3.Select "Show more.
4.Select "Keep anyway" in the details to download the file.

Notes in UDViewerX Update

Because UDViewerX Ver.2.0 (or later) cannot be started if the DLL files of Windows are insufficient, download and install a required component from the site of Microsoft.

・Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4

■ Procedure
1. Click the [Download] button in the above site.
2. Select the "VSU_4\vcredist_x86.exe" and click the [Next] button. It will start download.
3. Execute the downloaded file and install according to directions.

Notes after Downloading UD ViewerX

The message "Windows protected your PC" may be displayed, when "UDViewerx_eng.zip" is extracted and "UDViewerx_eng.msi" is executed. In such a case, please execute the following procedure and execute the "UDViewerx_eng.msi"

■ Procedure for Avoiding Message
 1. Right-click the "UDViewerx_eng.msi."
 2. Select the [Property] in the pop up menu displayed.
 3. Click the [Unblock] of the "Security" in the [General], and click the [OK] button.